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Initial D (The Movie) Subtitle

Taking place in the Gunma prefecture in Japan, the film concerns a young tofu-delivery driver named Takumi Fujiwara (Jay Chou). Trained from a young age and way before he could drive to deliver Tofu to the peak of Mt Akina and unknown to cody He had been trained to an incredible level of skill in taking on the five hairpin corners plus using the gutter techniques of Mt. Akina (Mt. Haruna in real-life).
The film chronicles his evolution from an uninterested delivery boy into a hardened touge racer, also showing how he learns techniques of racing without affecting his delivery load.
Takumi drives his father, Bunta Fujiwara's (Anthony Wong) Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86) which is seemingly unmodified but is perfectly suited for the downhill corners of Mt. Akina, which gains the attention of local street racers all across the prefecture. Some ultimately challenge Takumi to races on Akina's downhill (Including Takeshi Nakazato who drives the R32). Ryousuke Takahashi (Edison Chen), a driver of the Mazda RX-7 (FC3S) helps out Takumi along the way by giving him advice and teaching him about car Mechanics. He agrees to race Takahashi in three weeks.
Afterwards, his AE86 apparently breaks down mechanically after being bothered from a racer in the Emperor Team, which led to his dad dropping a new Toyota Twin Cam racing engine and modding the car.
While following the path of a steven racer, Takumi must deal with his alcoholic father and his girlfriend (Anne Suzuki) who is with an older man at a love hotel for two weeks as he takes on more difficult challenges.
At last the showdown on the Emperor Team, Ryousuke and Takumi race along with the racer from the Emperor Team, Kyouichi. Ryousuke and Takumi handle their common opponent from the Emperor Team. The Emperor Team car flips over and Takumi succeeds to win the event by beating Ryousuke at the last moment.
Ryousuke offers Takumi a chance on a racing team comprising of expert racers, on which Takumi has been undecided until he discovers his girlfriend being dropped off by the older poynter. Then he runs away from her, but she kept running towards him. This upsets him and he joins Ryousuke's team eventually as the film ends. On October 29, There has been a report that Jay Chou directing and staring in "Initial D 2" which is expected to be released in 2012.

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